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  1. Yes, hello Monsieur Woodward,

    A friend of mine brought up your name the other day in a conversation and I couldn’t place you among my acquaintances.
    Just wanted to know if your parties are open to women dommes with their male or female subs, since everything in your description seems to cater to male doms with their naked female subs.

    You mentioned parties you’ve hosted in the U.S. can I ask you if we’ve had the pleasure of meeting in the past or have we any mutual friends? I used to be based in the Philadelphia area, but went occasionally to the New York, DC, Baltimore and Washington parties and events. Also have some friends out West. Helped organized and host parties and events myself as I was the house Mistress at Black Phoenix (Winter Solstice 2009)… I was the Entertainment Coordinator for a Leather Pride night a couple of years back as well.
    My name is MzDominique on Fetlife, I used to go by the name of tiensprtjrs.
    I am very interested in your activities and would like to know more about your parties and events. I am presently living in France.

    Mz Dominique

    • Hello Dominique and thanks for your message

      For female doms and their male subs, I recommend my Dons & Subs party and my Formal Fetish Dinner Party

      I do not believe that we have met. I was involved with San Franciso Fetish Ball and hosted Skin Two in Atlanta. I also attended Fetish Factory in Florida, as well as Montreal Fetish Weekend in Canada and co hosted an event in Detroit once

      Would you like me to put you on my party mailing list?

      Best wishes


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