This is our exclusive little group for dogging safely in West London. Meaning no random strangers in the woods! We are a friendly little group and we get together first at a club near Heathrow, so everyone knows everyone.

You can play at the club, by all means. There are several private rooms, a dungeon and a social area. You can buy soft drinks, but bring your own booze. If it’s raining, we might even stay there. Then, when the cub closes at 11pm, we head off to a local dogging spot for fun on the way home.

This is so much more fun than just turning up at some dogging spot you read about online and hope something might happen. It’s a lot safer too!

There are usually ten or eleven of us, including couples, women and a few select single men. To be included next time, please email – see the Contact Us page

* If you are not already a member of the club where we meet, you can join for £10. That’s a discount for our group – normal charge is £15. Then, entry is £20 (couples), £5 (single women) or £35 (single men).
It doesn’t cost anything to join our little group.

* Doors close at 9:00pm, so do get there by then!

* The club closes at 11.00pm

Read more about dogging safely as a group on my blog here –