Thursday Play Party

This is a friendly and kinky play party, for straight people, fetish people, bi people, SM people etc. So its really for good humoured naughty folks of all persuasions., at a lovely old house in South London. The party starts at 6pm and goes on until 10pm.

The Play Party will resume as soon as the Covid19 situation allows

There’s a lounge area for socialising, the dungeon (of course) and several bedrooms you can use if you get really friendly…

Soft drinks are on sale, but no alcohol – so please feel free to bring your own booze. (Bring snacks too if you wish.)

There is no compulsory dress code – you can wear what you like. A few guys cross dress, some women wear fetish, one gentleman always wear nothing at all and quite a few people coming directly from work wear ordinary clothes. (Always arrive in street clothes, so as not to alarm the neighbours – you can change and shower at the venue.)

Tickets are £40 per male/female couple, £30 per t-girl or single woman and £50 per single guy (+ booking fee.) Book now – click on the “Buy Tickets” tab above.

No cameras, please. There is a separate smoking area. For any questions, call Tim – see the Contact Us page

PS:  Here is a link that explains in more detail what goes on at these parties…