Suited Male – Naked Female Party

The Suited Male – naked female party is on Sunday 21st July, from 2pm to 7pm

What a decadent way to spend a Sunday afternoon & evening…
This is an exclusive party for couples into “CMnf”. The men are all elegantly dressed in suits, evening wear or smart uniforms. If you turn up in anything less, you will not be admitted.

Their women are naked, apart from high heels, stockings, etc. Very skimpy and revealing lingerie is permitted. Women may be on a collar and leash. The dress code is obligatory. No-one is admitted who is not properly dressed. Men – this means you!

However, women must arrive in street clothes and change at the venue, so as not to shock the neighbours! (We have a dressing room and two showers.)

Everyone books in advance, so we know who everyone is. No random strangers are admitted on the night. It’s a very private affair.

In the dungeon, we have a cage, a motor bunny, a handheld f-machine, monkey rocker, etc. Otherwise, always bring your own personal toys – for obvious hygeine reasons…

Everyone books in advance, so we know who everyone is. Nobody who has not booked online will be admitted on the night

* This is a private party for M/F couples only. No single men admitted.
* Couples must arrive together
* There are several bedrooms that you are welcome to use for privacy
* There’s a lounge for socialising
* Bisexuality between the women is fine, absolutely
* We don’t care what age or body shape you are – we just look for nice people
* We do not sell alcohol – bring your own booze
* No cameras or photography
* No smoking and absolutely no drugs of any kind – don’t even think about it…

The most important thing about all Chardmore Society parties is the relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with no pressure. All ages and body shapes are welcome – just be nice people. Newcomers are very welcome and we are happy to chat on the phone or even meet in person before your visit.

The party is in a lovely old house in Sutton, South London. It’s 10 minutes walk from Sutton station, which is 30 minutes from Victoria (if you get the fast train). 12 minutes by taxi from Morden station (Northern Line)

* Tickets must be booked in advance; £70 per couple. First contact us for the secret booking password. If we don’t know you, please say a few words about yourselves.

If you need a nearby hotel, we suggest the Ibis Sutton Point here

* Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. Email or phone us and we will be glad to chat. See the Contact Us tab above.

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To book this party, email Tim for the secret booking password. If we don’t know you, please say a few words about yourselves

PS: Cameras are forbidden at all our events, for obvious reasons. The photos here are just general CMnf images, to give you an idea of the atmosphere