Play Party

The Chardmore Society play party is on Thursday 15th June and Thursday 20th July, from 6pm to 10pm

It’s is a friendly little affair – expect up to around twenty people. There’s a lounge area for socialising, a well equipped dungeon and several bedrooms you can use if you get really friendly…

There is no compulsory dress code – you can wear what you like. A few guys cross dress, some women wear fetish, one gentleman always wears nothing at all and quite a few people coming directly from work wear ordinary clothes. (Always arrive in street clothes, though, so as not to alarm the neighbours! You can change and shower at the venue.)

You can play all you like – but our parties are relaxed, there is no pressure and newcomers are very welcome. All ages are welcome too – just be nice people! We don’t sell alcohol, so please bring your own booze.

Our venue is a large and pleasant house in Sutton, South London. Trains to Sutton are really easy and only 30 mins from Victoria – make sure you get the faster train. Parking nearby is easy and free. The full address is emailed to all ticket holders. Please note that cameras and drugs of any kind are NOT allowed at our parties.

Tickets are £50 per M/F couple, £30 per t-girl or single woman and £60 per single man (+ booking fee.)

NB: Our party has no connection with other events that hire the same venue.

If you need a nearby hotel, we suggest the Ibis Sutton Point here

Got questions? We are happy to chat, answer questions, or even meet in person. Just get in touch – click on the “Contact Us” tab

Tickets are on sale for 15th June here

Tickets are on sale for 20th July here

(Dominatrixes FREE by prior arrangement – please contact us)

We play safe. No drugs of any kind, needles, poppers, gas or anything unsafe or irresponsible. No cameras! Always bring your own BDSM toys, for obvious reasons…

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PS:  Here is a link that explains in more detail what goes on at these parties…